Axoplasm is Paul Souders

I plan, design, and develop websites. But I’m not an information architect, a web designer, or a web developer. I’m an information designer. The world is full of designers who make information pretty; I make information work. Since August 2008, I’ve been making it work for Mercy Corps.

In a past life, I was an archaeologist, and before that I wrote mopey short fiction. I grew up in Nebraska and moved to Oregon in my 20s where I’ve lived, off and on, for thirteen years. My wife, dog, and I spent most of 2006 – 2007 in Xiamen, China.

Like an electronic squirrel, I have hidden lots of digital acorns all over the Inter-Web: is blocked in China, but I have a mirror that isn’t.

I’m Not Like The Other Nerds Around Here

I like some kinds of music, movies, books and television but dislike other kinds. I have opinions about politics and society. I like all kinds of food and beverages, some kinds of travel, and certain sporting activities. I have obsessions I find interesting but that bore other people. I sometimes think my insights are disproportionately more insightful than they probably actually are. I wear the kinds of clothes that people like me usually wear. I like to take pictures of my family and pet.

I also make pretty Web doodles .